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> New snacks and dips from Suzi Wan® in 2016

Add an exotic twist to your snacks and dips with new products from Suzi Wan®!

Two new flavours of prawn crackers:

-Mild Spice Prawn Crackers
-Lemon Flavour Prawn Crackers

And some delicious dipping sauces to go with your crackers:

-Soy Sauce & Sesame Dip
-Lemon & Ginger Dip

In stores from May 2016

> 2015: the year of soy sauce!

Check out the 2 new soy sauces from Suzi Wan®:

- Sweet Soy Sauce with Ginger 125 ml: add a delicate note of ginger to your favourite dishes with this delicious sweet soy sauce

- Low-Salt Soy Sauce 125 ml: 43% less salt than regular Suzi Wan® Soy Sauce

Available from stores since September 2015!

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